Providing for the Church Today

To simplify giving, KCC has implemented a secure (SSL) online eGiving site which allows you to specify a weekly or monthly intent amount to help support the church’s annual operating expenses. If you wish, you can even specify how your gift is to be used.

To donate via the eGiving site is easy, just follow these three simple steps:

Click on the button below "Give Here."

When the form appears, create an online profile by clicking on the button to the right of the screen labeled "Create Profile.". This secure profile allows you to transfer funds from your account to KCC either weekly or monthly.

Once the profile is completed you will return back to the Donations page. It is here you can enter in your weekly or monthly donation. As an example, if you entered $40.00 into the Recurring Intent box (first box on the form), and then scroll down to the bottom and select "Weekly" for "Donations Frequency" with a donation start Date for next Sunday, your bank or credit card will be charged $40.00 each week until you change the intent. It´s that simple.