United Church of Christ

Preschool Programs

Kensington Nursery School

Since 1972, we've proudly sponsored the area's premier family centered nursery school, Kensington Nursery School (KNS). KNS in a non-profit, state licensed, family centered nursery school that focuses on the whole child to develop intellectual, social/emotional, and physical growth. As a family centered school, KNS welcomes and relies on parent involvement in the classroom and school. Our talented and dedicated staff love their jobs and foster learning by tapping into a child’s natural inquisitive nature. Class size is limited to 20 students. Each teacher is supported by an assistant teacher, teacher’s aide and parent volunteer. This provides excellent child/ adult ratio to allow greater individual attention and interaction with the children. Classes meet on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00-1:55pm or Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00-12:30pm. Registration takes place mid-January each year. For more information about Kensington Nursery School, you can visit their web site HERE

The KNS Philosophy

Kensington Nursery School meets each child where they are developmentally and challenges them to grow. The curriculum is child-centered, play based and developmentally appropriate. Each child learns through exploration, the joy of discovery and critical thinking. This nurturing and safe environment gives children the opportunity to try new things, explore the world around them, and gain independence. The wide variety of experiences help each child develop a sense of self and appreciation for the uniqueness of others and the world around them. Children come together in an atmosphere of acceptance and care, which encourages sharing, helping others, courtesy, respect for others and their property, and an understanding of their responsibilities as a member of a community.