United Church of Christ

About Giving Back to KCC

Trust in the Promise…. ”For surely I know the plans I have for you…
to give you a future with hope..”  Jeremiah 29:11

The faith we carry in a story of redemption born in a manger and died on a cross is a faith that says, “Nothing is impossible.” Our God is God of Mercy and Hope, who longs for our fullness as we long for the fullness of the Spirit. How faithful a practice it is to be hopeful, to reject doom-saying and say we will live in hope! The church is a sign of that hope and we are the seal of its promise, the bearers of possibility. Be generous to that promise by giving everything in this present moment.”

This will be what we will carry forward in our Season of Giving. We will focus on the need to keep KCC a growing and living congregation by being the “bearers of possibility.” We want the world to know who we are by our “spirit filled church!” When people get involved in the church, the holy spirit is working in our lives.” The source of our joy will be present, and here is where our church will continue to grow.

How to Give Weekly or Leave a Legacy of Love

Providing for the Church Today

To simplify giving, KCC has implemented a secure (SSL) online eGiving site which allows you to specify a weekly or monthly intent and if you wish, you can even specify how your gift is to be used.

To donate via the eGiving site is as easy as giving to NPR, just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Click on the button below “Give Here”
  2. When the form appears, create an online profile by clicking on the button to the right of the screen labeled “Create Profile”. This secure profile allow you to transfer funds from your account to KCC either weekly or monthly.
  3. Once the profile is completed you will return back to the Donations page. It is here you can enter in you weekly or monthly donation. As an example, if you entered $40.00 into the Recurring Intent box (first box on the form) and then scroll down to the bottom and select “Weekly” for “Donations Frequency” with a donation start Date for next Sunday, your bank or credit card will be charged $40.00 each week until you change the intent. It’s that simple.
Give Here

Providing for the Church Tomorrow

The KCC ONE – TWO – THREE COMMITMENT PROGRAM is your way to support your church in the future. It's a program that got its name from a church asking members to bequeath one, two, or three percent of their estate to their Church. The KCC 1,2,3 program now provides you with an excellent opportunity to include your church in your estate planning. It's simple to do and doesn't commit you or your estate to a fixed amount, only to a small percentage. To get started it's as easy as ONE - TWO – THREE. All you have to do is:

  1. Have a desire to support your Church with just a percentate of your estate. If you have questions about the program, your can call Scott Newbury at (860)826-0775 or Kathy Morell (860)214-2523. They would be happy to talk and/or meet with you to discuss giving.
  2. You will need to prepare a Codicil to your will. To simplify the process, KCC can provide you a simple two page document which you can download by clicking on the button below. Simply fill the document out, and have it witnessed by a Notary Public, a lawyer i s optional but not requiered. Also, you may want to share this document with your Aires.
  3. Lastly, attach the executed Codicil to your will and keep the documents in a secure place. Feel free to share your intent with your Aires and who ever else you wish. Also, don't forget to notify the church of your giving intention

We ask that you please consider this program in your estate planning. Please take a moment to view the 1,2,3 Movie by clicking on the button below. We hope it will convince you to support the church in the future and help us all to KEEP THE LIGHT SHINING FOR OUR CHURCH, OUR COMMUNITY, AND OUR CHILDREN.

Codicil Here 1,2,3 Movie