United Church of Christ


Rev. Felix Davis Jr.
1957 - 1961

Rev. Davis was instrumental in the major renovation of the ancient Meeting House to restore it as a place of worship, as noted in the history section of this book. The church also underwent a period of growth and change during his tenure. He established a church office and newsletter and the formation of a representative council to assist in the planning and administration of the Church. Progress was made in the organizational structure calling for new responsibilities. He also called for a rewriting of the by-laws.

Rev. Joseph Reeves
1962 - 1972

Rev. Reeves was a graduate of the Boston School of Theology. Under his direction, the church grew again, and another building was added for the Church School, built with special attention to younger children. A nursery school was started in 1972 with classes for pre-school children five days a week. Rev. Reeves called Dorothy Hirst, our first Christian Education Director, and a Youth choir was formed under the direction of Margaret Murray. There was healthy growth in the church. A significant and promising breakthrough came in the Catholic and Protestant community when Rev. Reeves was the first Protestant minister to participate in a wedding at St. Paul’s Church, a Roman Catholic Church. Rev. Reeves worked hard to make housing more affordable to seniors and young couples. He began the custom of singing Blest Be The Tie That Bindsat the end of church services. He left behind a strong and loyal fellowship in good financial shape. The new building was named Reeves Educational Centerin his honor, and he became the first Pastor Emeritus of the church.

Rev. John Afman
1972 - 1978

Rev Afman focused on calling, counseling and preaching on the needs of the person, both privately and publicly. He enjoyed “one to one ministry”. He was a graduate of the Princeton Theological School. During his time, a hearing assistance system was installed, and taped recordings of Sunday services were begun and delivered to shut-ins. The parsonage was enlarged. The 250th anniversary celebration was held in the church. He resigned July 15, 1978. Rev. Joseph Zezo served as Interim Minister from September 1978 to May 1, 1979.

Rev. Allen M. Humes
1979 - 1996

Rev. Humes was a graduate of the Hartford Seminary. With Sunday attendance regularly over 200, he promoted the opening of the historical room in the balcony into seating for the congregation. Under his guidance, the church emerged as a teaching church, and saw an increase in membership. He was a representative in the wider church, united us with the New Britain Area Conference of Churches, was a State Police Chaplain, went on pilgrimages and conferences in Holland, England, Japan and Korea, participated in work camps and the CROP walks. The Church extended an ongoing partnership with El Salvador and Spottswood AME Zion Church. The church became the largest Protestant church in town in 1992, with more people worshipping than ever before and two Sunday services for a full year. A new Allen Digital Organ was purchased, extensive repairs were made to the Meeting House, and it was made handicap accessible. The church celebrated its two hundred and seventy-fifth anniversary. During his tenure, the custom of holding hands during the singing of Blest Be The Tie That Binds was begun. He retired in October 1996. He is our second Pastor Emeritus.

Rev. David Williamson
1998 - 2004

Rev Williamson will be remembered as a person with a deep love of history and community. He found the church archives in need of organization and appointed an archivist to clean up the area and make sense of the contents. He was responsible for the restoration of the hand crafted Civil War Flag. David was a great teacher, and under his leadership, worked to create an interfaith community, reorganizing and leading the Berlin Clergy Association. He led study groups and services at Ridgeview and Pilgrim Manor, and led second services in the summer in the outdoor Chapel. He served to March 3, 2004.

Rev. Olivia Hayes Robinson 2007 to present

Olivia is known for her exceptional organizational and people skills. Over the years she has shown the congregation how she leads by example, becoming involved with our church community at many levels as well as other ecumenical and interfaith activities in central Connecticut. She has proved to be an excellent listener, friend to all and a champion of tolerance and inclusion. She reaches out to everyone, and brings us inspirational and focused messages that are scripture based and relevant to our day-to-day life. Olivia enjoys “teaching people about the wider view of the Bible and its bearing in the 21st Century.”