United Church of Christ


Rev. Alonzo Ferdinand Travis
1900 - 1904

A Graduate of Harvard and of Hartford Theological Seminary, Rev. Travis served KCC for only four years (January 23, 1900- May 18, 1904). The church parlors were built during this time, and the Men’s Lyceum (an educational place where speeches and debates were held) was founded

Rev. Edgar Hammond Olmstead
1904 - 1908

Rev Olmstead came on November 18, 1904. He was a graduate of the Tri-State College in Indiana. He was noted for his success in securing a large increase in missionary offerings. He resigned November 20, 1908.

The Rev. Carlton Hazen
1909 - 1924

Rev. Hazen was the pastor during the 200th anniversary and continued as pastor for fifteen years, the longest pastorate since The Rev. Mr. Robbins. He was greatly interested in history, and authored a history of the Kensington Congregational Church which was published in 1913. Much of the historic content on this web site was taken directly from his work. He continued his interest in the history of the church even after his resignation. Rev. Hazen was known as an outstanding teacher, pastor and friend.

Rev. Vernon L. Phillips
1924 – 1930

Rev Philips was an athletic young man. He was interested in the youth of the church and as a result he established an active sports program for them.

The Rev. Louis H. Johnston
1931 - 1943

Rev. Johnston was pastor of the church for twelve years. He was an eloquent, well informed speaker who could hold his audience longer than average. One of his hobbies was an active interest in spiritualism. When he retired, Mr. Johnston said, “Together we have maintained this church, ancient and honorable, as an institution of inspiration and worship. We have kept faith together”.

Rev. Malcolm Vernon White
1944 - 1947

Rev White stayed only for only four years. His ministry was concerned with helping the church organizations increase in their effectiveness in the church life. When he resigned, the members of the church expressed deep appreciation for the faithful, loyal service and spiritual leadership.

Rev. Reginald D. Avery
1947 - 1956

Rev. Avery emphasized the value of the every man canvas. The church was growing at that time, and a Parish Hall was built in 1954 to take care of the Sunday school classes and to serve as a meeting place for groups in the community. The belfry was rebuilt, and in November, 1951, the lovely oak tree that graced our front lawn came down in a hurricane gale. The women of the church responded to requests and began serving suppers in the Parish Hall. Mr. Avery helped people find a richer spiritual life. He resigned in 1956.