United Church of Christ

Rev. Royal Robbins 1816 - 1859 (43 years)

On June 16, 1816, due to the poor health of Rev. Dr. Upson, Rev. Royal Robbins was called as a Colleague Pastor. Rev. Royal Robbins continued as pastor until 1859. He earned a Yale degree in 1806. He was a patient, understanding and persistent man, overcoming many obstacles. One of the hardest challenges was to get the parishioners to assume their financial obligations. He was one of the most illustrious ministers. During his forty-three years of pastorate, he built a reputation of lasting admiration and affection. He was regarded as a good theologian and a lover of learning. Everyone regarded him as a rare man, gifted with the pen of a ready writer, and gracious and devoted in carrying his Gospel message. He was known for writing “A History of American Literature” and “An Outline of Ancient and Modern History”, and contributed to the writings of S.G. Goodrich (Peter Parley). During his tenure, the Sunday School movement took root and flourished. On June 26, 1859, a year before his death, he requested a dismissal. He died on March 26, 1861, at age 73.