United Church of Christ

Rev. Samuel Clark 1756 - 1778 (22 years)

On July 14, 1756, Rev. Samuel Clark, a graduate of Princeton and Yale, was ordained in the church. He tried to bring order to the church records. He married Jerusha White on July 1, 1766 and had three children. He died on November 6, 1778 at age 49. It is said that he was the first person to be buried in the Ledge Cemetery.

D.D. Benoni Upson 1779 - 1826 (47 years)

There was no minister in the years 1775-1779, until Rev. Dr. Benoni Upson was ordained on April 21, 1779. He was born in Waterbury and a Yale graduate in 1776. Dr. Upson was known as a peacemaker, a sensitive man, and for just thinking and right acting. He loved the young and visited the schools often. He was seen as prudent and hospitable. He earned his Doctor of Divinity in 1817. Rev. Dr. Upson served as pastor for 47 years. Rev. Dr. Upson died on November 13, 1826, at age 77 and in the 48th year of his ministry.