United Church of Christ

Rev. William Burnham 1707 - 1750 (43 years)

Burnham Home Burnham Grave

The first minister was the Rev. William Burnham, a graduate of Harvard in 1702. His ministry began on November 11, 1707, and he was ordained on December 10, 1712. He was a leader in affairs of the village and state. Married twice, he had a family of nine children. Part of his salary was in pieces of fertile land, yielding sufficient revenue for comfortable support. In 1717 the first school was established: the Bandbox School located on Christian Lane. Mr. Burnham died on September 23, 1750, having been considered a sound preacher, referring much to the Scriptures. He donated the land for the Christian Lane Cemetery

The Picture of the Marker to the LEFT reads:
"Here lies interned the body of Rev. Mr. William Burnham first pastor of the Church of Christ in Kensington who having served his generation according to the will of God fell on sleep September 23, 1750, in the 66th year of his age and 37th of his ministry."