United Church of Christ

who we are

Having Fun at Easter

We are a loving and caring community of likeminded individuals who share a mutual belief that:

"Who ever you are and wherever you are on life's journey, you are welcomed here"

We at KCC are a fun loving and giving community of likeminded individuals from all walks of life - we share a common love of God, life and the Divine. Each week is full of enchantment, song and ministry that will move and enlighten. Come worship with us in our beautiful circa 1700 Meeting House on the Hill in Kensington Connecticut.

our 300 year history

Learn more about the history of the Kensington Congregational Church by clicking on the date-range links noted below

1712 - 1750
Rev. William Burnham and his followers form the Church
1750 -1815
The Revolutionary War ensues and the Church moves to its current location.
1816 - 1859
Rev. Royal Robbins one of the most illustrious ministers.
1860 - 1900
The War of the Confederacy and turmoil ensues.
1900 - 1956
First and Second World Wars come and go and the Church lives on.
1957 - 2017
A time of growth, Spirituality and inclusion.

three centuries of Doing Good

Over the past three hundred years, the Kensington Congregational Church (KCC) has been serving the town of Berlin in ways most folks don't even realize. Below is a short list of accomplishments and contributions that KCC has made to Berlin, Connecticut and beyond.

  • 1717 - First school established in The Great Swamp - (now Berlin CT)
  • 1785 - The Town of Berlin is incorporated with the town seat at KCC
  • 1785 - The town Government is established and first Town Meeting is held
  • 1829 - The Town Library is established in the current Meeting House
  • 1863 - The first Civil War Monument in these United States is erected on the Church Grounds
  • 1884 - The printing and mass distribution of the Church Records starts, giving rise to the Berlin News (newspaper)
  • 1884 - First Harvest Festival held across the road from KCC, evolves into what we call today the Berlin Fair
  • 1972 - The Kensington Nursery School is constructed across the street from KCC on church grounds
  • 2014 - The first "Festival on the Hill" - bringing the community together; strawberry short cake, lobster rolls, music and more
  • 2015 - The first "Night In Bethlehem" - An outreach experience so all can see what Bethlehem was like on the night Jesus was born.

The KCC Staff and Leadership team

Rev. Olivia Robinson
Senior Pastor

Reverend Robinson has revitalized KCC adding new members monthly, attracting young families and people seeking a more inclusive church family. She is a proponent for infusing music, art and poetry into the Sunday service.

Phone: (860) 828-4511
Corinne Terlecky
Director of Music

As of the fall of 2015, Mrs. Terlecky has accepted the position of Minister of Music. Since then, Cori has significantly raised the musicianship of the church groups and expanded the scope of music performed by the: choir, the bells and the menís acapella group Ė The Ring tones, all to the delight of the congregation.

Phone: (860) 828-4511
Gwen Mccann
Gwen McCann - Director
Christian Faith Formation

Mrs. McCann has been an important contributor to the KCC family. Her practice of "management by enthusiasm" has touched the entire church and has allowed the KCC family to grow with love and excitement - which she exudes whenever she is around you.

Phone: (860) 828-0064
Cassandra St.Pierre
Office Manager

Mrs. St. Pierre brings a smile to everyone who engages KCC, whether they come to the office or call on the phone. As the gate keeper and Office Manager, Cassandra keeps thing moving in a positive direction with focus and professionalism, amazing things happen - on time and to the highest possible quality.

Phone: (860) 828-4511